Matsyateknik has done some interesting Case Studies in the field



Human Safety

    • Duct fitting losses

      • Prediction of Duct fitting losses using Numerical Methods. This is CFD Shoot-Out contest sponsored by ASHRAE.
    • Heat Exchanger

      • Analyze flow in side a Tubular Heat Exchanger.
    • Air Filter

      • Simulate Pressure drop for given flow rate inside air filter.
    • Mass Flow Sensor

    • Hemodynamic Effect

      • Investigation of the Hemodynamic Effect of Stent Wires on Renal Arteries in Patients suffering with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.
    • Evacuation

      • Estimation of heat and smoke effects of fire on humans and to calculate total evacuation time.
      • Estimation of total evacuation time during congestion and panic situations.